Packaged Business Solutions

Our business software solutions are designed to support many different applications in multiple sectors and industries. The range of solutions we provide is regularly increasing, with the current line up consisting of:


Built to capture data from warehouse management, and time and attendance systems to increase the productivity, efficiency and overall performance of your staff.


A web-based asset tracking solution that helps you accurately record the movement of items such as roll cages, containers, boxes, spare parts, pallets and even waste – ultimately resulting in greatly improved visibility and significant cost reductions.

Automated Stock Consumption (ASC)

For use in the aviation and travel, food retail and hospitality industries, ASC collects and analyses data on food and bar consumption, helping to reduce waste and increase the availability of the right products.  Customer service and satisfaction also benefit.

Mobile Management Suite

Delivered via Toughpad tablets, this solution offers complete mobile device consolidation and management, improving simplicity, speed and efficiency for mobile workers in many industries.


A smart consolidation tool for managing stock warehouses and combining deliveries in controlled and restricted areas, such as airports and retail outlets.


A real-time, wireless employee or customer satisfaction solution that allows you to gather opinions, attitudes and ideas on specific topics almost instantly. 


Order fulfilment solution that plans, consolidates and tracks orders from inception to delivery, managing the entire lifecycle. 

Intelligent Warehouse Solution

Instant access to visual intelligence on the movement of packages, parcels, parts and assets throughout your premises and beyond.