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Distance collaboration for manufacturing companies

  • Distance collaboration from a communications technology leader

    Manufacturing is geared toward outputting products, which makes inter-departmental cooperation and collaboration essential. In various processes, such as design/prototype examinations, parts specification examinations, production adjustments, quality checks for manufactured products and after-sales support, detailed adjustments must be made promptly by viewing actual products.

    As global competition continues to intensify, production facilities are becoming increasingly decentralised in order to place production at the most suitable location – which is sometimes overseas. It's also necessary to operate manufacturing lines more efficiently to achieve small runs of diverse products that meet customer needs. To emerge as winners in this competition, speedy decision-making and close collaboration among strategic partners are gaining in importance.

    Manufacturing companies must enhance customer satisfaction by conducting support activities quickly and maintaining high-quality products – right down to the tiniest details. To that end, efficient management of personnel, time and cost is essential.

  • Technology that fuels interactive and live collaboration

    From small meeting rooms to board and seminar rooms, Panasonic has a full line-up of interactive projectors and displays which act as a whiteboard to transform static presentations into multimedia, collaborative experiences that give your employees the ability to exchange important information with colleagues across sites.

    Inter-departmental collaboration

    By installing internet-connected displays, integrated with remote and broadcast cameras in the rooms of various departments, members of different teams can feel as if they're working in the same room. This creates a stronger sense of unity, and engagement with shared objectives.

    Flexible installation and integration

    Panasonic is working with international standards on different levels, meaning that connecting to other conferencing solutions is as easy as a phone call. Also the connection and administration with multisite conferencing bridges or services isn’t a challenge and can be done easily.