Business Intelligent Video Systems for retail

  • An intelligent approach to retail technology

    Optimise every inch of your store. Analyse and improve customer flows, dwell times, pinch points and cold spots. Or analyse the demography of your visitors to present them with the most relevant promotions or advertisements. Imagine the endless possibilities that real-time HD visual feedback on your retail environment could provide. All this while providing excellent security surveillance.

    People counting

    Our camera systems are intelligent. They analyse areas of your stores for you, providing visual data in real time. But they don’t simply count visitors – the intelligent analysis allows you to see which areas in your shop need to be improved and where you need a new layout. You can also identify ‘dead’ zones and where queues form most regularly, optimise your staff allocation in the store accordingly.

    People recognition

    People counting is simply the start of visual analytics. You really gain value when you analyse visitor behavior and demographics. With this information, made available through our technology, you can identify the gender or age of your customers. In combination with your EPOS system, you also can see who is buying what and can change your product ranges based on your new findings. You can also adapt your on-screen advertising, making it relevant to whoever is viewing it. There’s also the additional benefit of being able to recognise any unwanted people as they enter your stores.

  • Material management

    People aren’t the only focus of our cameras. You can also monitor your goods in-store or in your warehouse. Track your shop floor and receive an alert as soon as any unexpected objects are creating a blockage or endangering your customers. Or identify where stock levels need replenishing. With a rugged Toughpad tablet, one click tells you whether the correct product is on display – and, if it’s sold-out, the tablet prompts you to place a new order.

    Do you have other ideas for retail solutions? Let us know and talk to our consultancy team to discover the possibilities available to you.


    Alongside the video intelligence Panasonic offers, the same camera solution are capable of monitoring your goods and premises – whether indoors or outdoors, day and night, thanks to our thermal and infra-red cameras.