Security System Controller

System Controller with Separate Joystick

  • Controller for DVRs and PS-data devices
  • Controller for Matrix System150 (WJ-SX150A version 2.03 or higher)
  • Integrated System Control
  • Camera Control
  • Recorder Control
  • Easy to Operate While Focused on Surveillance


The WV-CU650 security system controller integrates with Panasonic system equipment such as recorders or matrix switchers to control camera functions, monitor displays and review recorded footage.

Designed to simplify and streamline operation, the controller features a unique three-dimensional joystick that gives pan and tilt control of cameras by moving the joystick whilst zoom is controlled by simply rotating a dial on the top of the joystick. The joystick is detached from the main controller to allow easy access to the controller functions by both left and right handed users, the height of the joystick is adjustable to cater for different hand sizes. Iris and focus control is performed from the joystick with all other functions being taken from the main system controller.

Camera and system equipment menus are also selectable from the controller in certain operational modes. The controller connects to the system equipment using its RS485 data ports, up to four system controllers can be connected on a single data line which can reduce cabling costs and installation times when connecting multiple control positions.