• WV-ASM200


Client Management Software for LAN/WAN IP solutions

• Client Management Software for LAN/WAN IP solutions

• Live multiscreen and Map Display (in combination with WV-ASE201)

• Capable of Joystick control of IP Cameras (in combination with WV-ASE201)

• Connects to 100 Devices making it capable of controlling 6400 cameras

• Full alarm monitoring

• 1-screen/4-screen PTZ compensation function(hereinafter compensation function) from the¬ fish-eye images of the Panasonic 360-degree network cameras (WV-SF438/WV-SF448/WV-SW458)

• SD edge recording capability supported to check the recordings of the SD cards directly from the cameras without being needed to have a recorder

• Capable of displaying up to 2048x1536 resolution in H.264 mode

• Capable of display up to 64 channels (in combination with WV-ASE202)

• Capable of displaying up to 64 channels in 4 monitors (16 each) (in combination with WV-ASE201 and WV-ASE202)

• Capable of controlling more than 100 NVR’s (in combination with WV-ASE203)

• Capable of controlling WJ-GXD400 (in combination with WV-ASE204)

• Capable of enhancing the visibility in harsh weather, poor light or low illumination conditions (in combination with WV-ASE205)

The i-Pro WV-ASM200 operations and management software is ideal for multi-recorder, multi-site system applications. It provides a virtual matrix for IP surveillance systems, enabling multi-monitoring and alarm notification from remote locations over a shared network. Live images can be received directly from the camera or via the recorder allowing flexible network design. Multiple monitor configuration enables simultaneous use of Live (1/4/9/16 split), Operation (Spot/Quad) and Map display each on a dedicated monitor*.

Up to three monitors can be supported by ASM200*

The WV-ASM200 software brings together all components of a system, integrating from the IP system, be it small or distributed far and wide. There are few restrictions with IP and this software brings a wide solution directly to one location enabling up to 30 ips/camera in 16 split-screens with Mpeg4 2Mbps mode, camera set-up dependant.

Up to 100 recorders and 6,400 cameras can be registered on the system plus 400 groups can be assigned to quickly select pre-programmed collections of cameras in either single, quad, 9-way or 16-way screen modes, giving quick access to frequently used cameras.

The WV-ASM200 employs a 3 monitor* configuration:

1) The Operation Monitor enables live viewing, camera control, search and playback, and the functionality to save captured images in still mode suitable for printing. There is also an alarm pop up notification built-in, altering operations as soon as an incident occurs.

2) The Map Monitor encompasses camera icons on a map for easy viewing of different locations. With alarm notification and an icon link to different maps, this system is suitable for even the largest surveillance sites.

3) The Live Monitor enables live sequence, multi screen and alarm viewing. In combination with the WV-ASE201 and WV-ASE202 you can have up to 4 live monitors. With user defined operation panel layout and back colour, user authentication with password time limit, 5 user levels and User-Camera View/Control partitioning set up for sophisticated user management of up to 32 user registrations, the flexibility offered is phenomenal.

* In combination with WV-ASE201E