• WV-ASC970


Virtual Matrix and control software

  • Flexible system connecting IP and analogue creating a true Hybrid solution
  • Up to 64 recorder, 64 encoders and 2048 cameras can be registered
  • Display live images by camera selection
  • Up to 64 users simultaneously
  • 64 cameras positioned on map
  • 30ips can be displayed in 16 slit screen

WV-ASC970 provides a true virtual matrix allowing the user to create a Hybrid solution and full control of both IP and analogue systems. The virtual matrix allows the registration of up to 64 recorders, 64 encoders and 2048 cameras. Live images can be selected, as well as full control of presets and group sequences. ASC970 allows registration of up to 512 users and 64 can be logged on simultaneously.

WV-ASM970 gives full control of both IP and Analogue systems. Up to 30ips can be displayed in 16 split screen in either MPEG-4 or H.264. Multi monitor option enables use of operation and monitor screen simultaneously. Upon alarm notification, monitor changes into map mode where up to 64 cameras can be freely positioned on a map.

WV-ASE902 Extension Unit

With the new WV-ASE902 extension software, the System970 increases efficiency of video surveillance operation by displaying up to 64 video sources
on the monitor screens.

The WV-ASM970 client of System970 with theWV-ASE902 supports up to four monitor displays with 16-screen split and one operation display, resulting in 64 monitor windows per client system.

The WV-ASE902 extension software is available with the version 10 or later of theWV-ASC970 and WV-ASM970 IPMatrix Server/Client Software of System970.