Marketing Software

Improve the usefulness of NVR WJ-NV200 by adding marketing tools

  • Marketing software for LAN/WAN IP solutions
  • People counting
  • Age and Gender judgement
  • Upgrade total performance of WJ-NV200
  • Three months free trial version
  • Data to be exported to CSV file

Additional business intelligence kit

The SMART HD kit WJ-NVF20, provides an additional marketing feature for the network disc recorder WJ-NV200.

By adding people counting and age / gender judgement the WJ-NV200 transfers into a marketing tool. Data is displayed every hour or per day. The data can be saved as a CSV file and exported to a SD/HC card or on a PC connected over the network.

With external commands the CSV file can be exported to central data base to compare different locations in on overview.

The WJ-NVF20 creates a totally new solution in the security market designed for a return on investment and the usage of security products for marketing purposes.