• WV-CP500


Super Dynamic 5 day/night camera with Adaptive Black Stretch, i-VMD and ABF Technology

  • Combines Super Dynamic 5 with Adaptive Black Stretch
  • i-VMD (intellegent-Video Motion Detection)
  • High Resolution up to 700 TV Lines in B/W mode
  • High Sensitivity up to 0.3 lux

The WV-CP500 Super Dynamic 5 Day/Night Camera comes with ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch), i-VMD (intelligent-Video Motion Detection) and ABF (Auto Back Focus) compensation technology.

With a high resolution of 650 TV lines typical (Colour mode) and 700 TV lines minimum (B/W mode), the WV-CP500 also features a high sensitivity Day/Night function of 0.3 lux (Colour), 0.04 lux (B/W) at F1.4 and an IR cut filter which switches on/off to enhance the sensitivity in B/W mode. The WV-CP500 also comes with a 3-dimensional colour conversion function for natural colour reproduction even in lower colour temperature situation.

In addition, with an electronic sensitivity enhancement of Auto (Up to 32x) / Manual (Up to 32x) and Electronic shutter from 1/100 (PAL), 1/10,000 sec, the WV-CP500 also comes with up to 2x digital zoom.

The i-VMD (intelligent-Video Motion Detection) including video motion detection, object detection (removal and left behind) and scene change when lens is covered, spray painted, removed or defocused. Furthermore, the WV-CP500 comes with ABF (Auto Back Focus) technology which ensures an easy installation and stable focus in both colour and B/W modes.

The Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction enables an integration of 2D-DNR and 3D-DNR ensures noise reduction in various conditions. Furthermore, the WV-CP500 encompasses Auto Image Stabilizer for applications where the camera is at risk from vibration from wind or heavy goods vehicles.