• WV-CL930

Analogue Surveillance Camera

1/2" CCD Colour Surveillance Camera

  • 1/2 inch CCD
  • Day/Night operation
  • Auto Back Focus
  • Minimum illumination 0.008 lux B/W

The WV-CL930 static Day/Night camera by Panasonic encompasses a 1/2 inch CCD, delivering the optimum in high sensitivity performance and image quality. Featuring Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction: 2D-DNR and 3D-DNR integration ensures reduced noise in various conditions. Furthermore, Peak mode also enables appropriate light control to represent sharp bright object.

Using the optional F1.4 lens, the WV-CL930 in colour mode can capture clear images in lighting as low as 0.09 lux. In black and white mode, the lighting can be as low as 0.008 lux. Sensitivity can be electronically enhanced 32x with analogue output resolution at up to 480 TV lines in colour mode or 570 TV lines in black and white enabling higher quality nocturnal surveillance than ever before.

The Auto Back Focus (ABF) feature ensures that when switching from colour to black and white imaging, the back focus is adjusted by automatically changing the position of the CCD. This solves the defocusing caused by deviation of the IR cut filter on conventional cameras. In addition, when switching from black and white to colour, automatic focus for 24 hours, day and night surveillance is realized as the CCD returns precisely to its original position.

With up to 540 TV lines of horizontal resolution, you can count on high quality analogue output from the Panasonic WV-CL930. Add to this the combination of operation convenience and high reliability, and it is clear to see that Panasonic's latest offering is ideal for high-profile applications including banks, office buildings, shopping centres, airports and school surveillance requirements.

The WV-CL930 also features Auto Image Stabilizer that enables the camera to automatically adjust when vibrations caused by strong winds, passing trains or trucks are experienced, keeping images clear and easy to read. For scene change detection, the camera senses various acts of tampering, such as spraying of the lens and covering of the camera with a cloth.