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Products and accessories

Panasonic has a rich history in the security business, developing some of the most groundbreaking technology over the past half century. Our specialised division, Panasonic Security Solutions, develops a range of products from analogue security cameras and video management software through to state-of-the-art IP technology such as our Full HD cameras and network video recorders, and more recently Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control and Thermal Imaging.

Comprehensive portfolio of Security products

Panasonic has the capability to offer complete security solutions for any business, regardless of sector, thanks to an ever-improving selection of products. With more than 30 years’ experience in fire alarm technology, we offer a robust range of fire alarm solutions which are designed to work as a stand-alone platform, or alongside our surveillance cameras as part of an advanced monitoring system.

Both our analogue range and IP range include dome cameras, fixed cameras, video recorders and system controllers, and an array of optional extras such as brackets, mounts and covers. Many of our cameras offer infrared LED’s for night-time operation and advanced image processing to optimise darker areas of the image in real-time. 

We also supply a wealth of software and accessories – from monitors to recording and client software – plus our encoders and decoders offer hybrid solutions providing a smooth migration from an analogue to IP system.

All-in-one control through access control systems

The most flexible of its kind on the market, Bravida (integrated by Panasonic), is one of the leading integrated security system platforms. Combining intruder and assault alarms, access control, fire warning and monitoring; it offers comprehensive premises security along with simple operation.

Smart security equipment

Our i-Pro SmartHD range of security cameras provides the latest in security technology, including up to 1080p visual definition, variable image quality on specific areas, video motion detection, facial recognition and intelligent auto-tracking. These features and more have helped cement our place as a market leader in providing intelligent surveillance solutions to an array of business sectors.

Panasonic’s Business Intelligence Video Systems (BIVS) allows security video equipment to be deployed as a real-time business intelligence system. The system improves quality and performance across marketing, operations and customer services, as well as offering the best security functionality available.

Whether your business is trying to increase the cost efficiency of shop-floor security monitoring and customer flow, deliver real-time analytics of passenger volume and staffing levels, decrease total cost of ownership by saving money on installation costs or improving system interoperability by enhancing customer service, BIVS is designed to help meet these targets.

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