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4K Security Cameras

Delivering Crisp and Clear Images Every Time

With 4K products you can expect a higher than full HD visual quality than ever before. Crisp and clear imagery can be delivered to ensure that every little detail is captured and explored perfectly. Here at Panasonic, we understand how important it is to ensure that a phenomenal viewing experience is delivered to our customers.

Any given area within an image taken by our Panasonic cameras can be selected, cropped and displayed based on your requirements. This is particularly essential for areas that require higher levels of monitoring, such as parking garages and hallways. What makes our 4K cameras stand out from PTZ cameras is that one is able to monitor the entire area while focusing on specific areas of interest.

With a resolution higher than that of full HD cameras, fewer cameras are required for installations. This will account for lower total cost of ownership, lesser installation time and labor required, and fewer maintenance costs; but yet still providing the same amount of surveillance coverage to suit different business needs. Our Panasonic 4K cameras will also eliminate blind spots when monitoring, as compared to HD cameras. Monitoring can be performed not only at vertical and horizontal angles, but for deeper depths as well. Fewer cameras will also make monitoring easier as the number of monitors required in the control room are reduced, resulting in lesser manpower required.

When attached to the mounting plate, the camera’s direction can be easily changed at intervals of 90°. A total of three adjustment points on the camera base and arms enables its position to be fine-tuned according to the customer’s needs, thereby resulting in greater accuracy.

What makes Panasonic’s 4K cameras different?

Panasonic’s Propriety 3-Drive Lens System

The i-PRO TRUE 4K IP Camera is equipped with Panasonic’ s proprietary 3-drive lens system, which simultaneously drives two zoom lenses and one focus lens. This allows for our Panasonic 4K cameras to fit in a standard camera body while providing a high-power 6x zoom with high 4K resolution pictures, even in low light conditions.

Providing refined resolution and superior contrast through 12 lenses

In order to create a sharp and clear texture in all images, 12 lenses in four groups are used to provide a higher level of representational precision and a more compact lens system. This results in consistently crisp and clear images, even to the edges of all images. All lenses are made of glass and aspheric lenses to reduce aberrations. Hence, you can always achieve sharp resolutions and beautiful color-reproduction necessary for true 4K monitoring via our i-PRO TRUE 4K IP Cameras.