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Intelligent customer delivery and Toughbook

What is intelligent delivery? It’s basically a process in which every delivery contact with a customer becomes far more than that.

It’s a process in which revenue and value are maximized by carrying additional and supplementary services when a delivery is made.

So what was once the delivery driver is now actually the company’s field representative. They can carry out delivery, order taking, stock management, maintenance services, promotional work and problem resolution services.  

What are the main barriers to the process?

Intelligent delivery is a fairly new concept. It’s also a process that faces a number of barriers…

Time constraints – a delivery professional constantly faces a challenging timetable. Adding further activities to their already-full schedule can lead to the deliveries becoming unreliable and the field worker actually achieving less.

Availability of information – additional services can only be provided if the field representative has access to the correct data and systems. Being on a customer’s premises has traditionally meant access to data and systems has been denied.

Skill sets – asking a delivery driver to perform the duties of an all-round field representative is a significant demand. They need to be equipped with the right tools and the right knowledge, at the right time in the right locations.

How does Toughbook improve the process?

Toughbooks are far more than laptops. They’re mobile toolkits for the 21st century. As such, they’re the perfect answer to the challenges of intelligent customer delivery.

Multi-functionality – with integrated HSPA, GPS, barcode readers and other application-specific modules, Toughbooks mean that the field representative doesn’t need to carry multiple devices on their delivery routes. And because the functions are all access quickly and easily, whatever the environment, the intelligent delivery process is carried out speedily.

Durability and battery life – Toughbooks are built to perform in challenging environments, such as dark and dusty warehouses or in the cab of a delivery vehicle. More than this, unique battery-life technology plus energy-efficient components means they can deliver all-day mobile working.

Data access – delivery professionals never lose contact with the data and applications they need, thanks to military-grade connectivity and unrivalled ruggedness. This allows them to become effective field representatives, performing the additional customer services that can generate increased revenue.