• The story of Komşufırın

Bakery chain monitors both security and hygiene with Panasonic Cameramanager

Komşufırın is a large Turkish bakery chain serving Istanbul’s greater area. With a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene control plus the need for security Komşufırın has high demands on video surveillance. The bakery is using Panasonic Cameramanager since 2011.

“We have chosen Cameramanager as our main video surveillance provider for all our bakeries in Turkey. The ease to use a cloud based solution allows us to view footage of any location, anywhere & anytime and to live view video streams if needed.”, says Komşufırın's Security Manager.

One solution for all

“Before 2011 all our locations used their own analogue security system. This resulted in a wide variety of different systems with high costs, both in initial investment per store as in maintenance. Because of this fragmentation monitoring the whole chain in one central system was not possible.”  Panasonic Cameramanager brings storage to the cloud. This way less hardware is needed and all cameras are centralized in one dashboard. Camera permissions can then be set per location making it easy to give the right permissions to sub users.

"Because of a cloud solution our security is centralized and we can let shop owners give the resposibility over their own shop while we can maintain a centrilized monitoring system at the same time. This gives us a lot of extra features compared to the old system for a better prize."

Easy transition

“Because Panasonic Cameramanager is compatible with most IP-cameras the transition was relatively easy”,the Security Manager continues. “Our older stores still use the cameras from before 2011. All newer stores have new HD-cameras with higher resolution. In the next few months we are planning to provide every store with new cameras. This can be done because of Panasonic Cameramanager’s compatibility with a wide range of IP-cameras.”

Multi purpose

For a bakery chain hygiene and quality control have a very high priority. The chain has over 72 locations which can make it hard to maintain a certain standard. With Panasonic Cameramanager - being a cloud solution - it is very easy to monitor all locations from one central dashboard. "Being able to assign cameras to groups we can make groups dedicated to hygiene and quality control. This really helps us to keep those high standards we promise our customers.”

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Komşufırın also uses the video recordings for training purposes: “Thanks to the high image quality, the long event logging and easy access to specified events we use the video recordings to train new Store Managers. This brings a whole new dimension to our service level standards.”

Expanding the business

The bakery chain is always on the lookout for new business and is opening new locations on a regular basis. This ask for a certain degree of flexibility an analogue system can not provide. “With Panasonic Cameramanager no high investment is needed. Next to the camera no expensive hardware is needed and we simply pay for the services used. This makes it really easy to expand our business and a new location is online in a matter of minutes.”


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